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We sat down, I cut the cards and without asking a question Lorri gave me a reading that was an accurate reflection of the active issues in my life. In about twenty minutes, she went through the entire deck, talking continuously and not wandering from the essential events. It was so complete and relevant that it was difficult to even find a question to ask at the end.

Scott Hines, Flat Rock, NC

My work with Lorri has been one of the best commitments I have made to myself and my personal growth. She focuses on the whole person-recognizing that growth and fulfillment must be felt and created holistically. She is a wealth of knowledge and resources-connecting on a deeply personal and intuitive level. I can describe her work in my life as nothing less then transformative, As Lorri is a true coach, I came out of each conversation more empowered with a greater understanding of the ways that I can continue to support my own growth and presence in the world. Her presence is a blessing in my life and it is with immense gratitude that I write these words about her work.

Jennifer Siemer, Vista, CA

I have known Lorri Gifford for over 12 amazing years. Lorri's intuitive abilities and love for what she does has truly helped me live a much more productive and goal driven life. Lorri has the capability from years of hard work of learning to help you prepare for the future, help you through what is happening in the present and help you learn how to heal from the past. If not for Lorri, I would not be living my dreams. Today, I am a successful actor, a celebrity personal fitness trainer, and a producer on the rise.

Thank You Lorri For Your Guidance To A Healthier And Successful Life.

Jesus Benitez, Hollywood, CA

Talking with Lorri helped verify and trust my intuition of the current transitional phase that I am at in my life. The energy she brought was warm, healing, and sensitive; Lorri helped me process the information with insightfulness and provided an understanding that helped me relate to my circumstances on multiple levels.

Not only did I immediately feel comfortable talking with her, but she left me feeling confident in my perceptions of life and opened my eyes to the endless possibilities that are available to us all. I left with an unexplained energy and thirst to experience all that life has to offer through relationships, self-discovery, and spirituality.

I would highly recommend to anyone that is searching for gentle guidance and a new perspective, to talk to Lorri, it will expand your consciousness and bring your awareness to a new level.

Kelsey Wright, Hawaii

There are many times in my life (daily, weekly or monthly) that I will get outside of myself and reside in confusion. I know I have the answers to the questions inside of me, but the confusion keeps me from seeing the answers. This is when I pick up the phone and call Lorri. Her abilities bring me back to the knowing I have within me to say, "Oh, that's right." There are also other ways to look at situations that I might not have thought about. This clarity keeps me coming back!

L.C., Weaverville, NC

Ive been working with Lorri for over 3 years. During that time she has helped provide structure & guidance for me to process patterns that prevented me from moving forward in my career and relationships. By providing insights through her learned and spiritual abilities she has helped me shift into positive and lasting behavioral changes.

Anonymous, New York City

Lorri Gifford was very supportive and proactive in the ways that she guided me. I really loved being able to feel someone want to see me grow. Her life coaching methods allowed me to address everything from diet and lifestyle to relationships in a positive manner. Working with Lorri allowed me to have an outside perspective of how things really could be upgraded to give me more happiness and a better quality of life, from the way I eat to my inner dialog. Her natural intuition and thorough education and experience made her the perfect resource for my needs and goals. She has been a true gift to me.

Jessica DeHaven, Carlsbad CA

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