Empowered empath or hot Mess?

Harnessing the power of your sensitivity

“Stop being so sensitive” and “you need to toughen up.” were phrases that used to send me over the edge. I felt so much and was afraid to feel any emotion that wasn’t neat and tidy. And every time someone uttered those words, I shut down and hated myself even more. I associated being emotionally sensitive with being weak. So, I “toughened up.” I shielded my heart and used my anger to push everyone away.  I isolated myself and became an angry introvert who believed that others were to blame for my unhappiness. I truly believed that it was something outside of me that was draining my energy or that I was absorbing others negativity.

Can you relate to any of that?

Perfect! Because I am here to tell you that there is a way out of the madness. A way to stop being a "hot mess" and start enjoying life.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Learn the difference between being Highly Sensitive and being Empathic.

  • Explore your empathic nature and harness the power of sensitivity so that you begin to view it as a blessing rather than a curse.

  • Learn practical tools that will help you stop being affected by “Vampiric” Energy.

Length of class: 4 hours (2-two hour classes)

COST: $75

Online Workshop Dates:


Sunday July 21st & Monday July 22nd

Time: 7 pm EST


       ***This workshop will be held on the ZOOM platform. Sign up for

            a free account at https://zoom.us/. I will send an email with a

            link to the class once you have signed up.***


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