CLient Reviews

I have known Lorri for over 15 amazing years. Lorri's intuitive abilities and love for what she does has truly helped me live a much more productive and goal driven life. If not for Lorri I would not be living my dreams. Today, I am a successful actor and producer.

Thank you Lorri for your guidance to a healthier and successful life.


Jesus Benitez, Hollywood, CA

We sat down, I cut the cards and without asking a question Lorri gave me a reading that was an accurate reflection of the active issues in my life. In about twenty minutes, she went through the entire deck, talking continuously and not wandering from the essential events.  It was so complete and relevant that it was difficult to even find a question to ask at the end.


Scott Hines, Flat Rock, NC

Elegant, connected, spiritually centered, down to earth and light carrying - every time we talk I feel touched by spirit, seen, supported. Highly recommend Lorri Gifford (Thank you Skype)


Leanne Tibiatowski, San Diego, CA

Lorri came to our office to do readings for our employees. It was amazing to hear some of the staff respond to their readings.  Many of them were “blown away” or asked “Has she been a fly on the wall in my house?” 


She truly has a gift and we were very fortunate to have her come out share her gift with us!  The readings helped some with guidance and it was enlightening & spiritual at the same time. 


We are grateful that Lorri shared her time with us!


Leah Barr, CFO