Mindful monday packages:

Imagine receiving a personalized reading via email on Monday to start your week. Every week, I pull cards for members of my Mindful Monday program and send them a 4-5 sentence reading to support them in living an empowered week.

How does that sound?

I'll need your email address to get you started. Fill out the contact form below to receive your Mindful Monday Message in your email inbox each week.

Choose from two different payment plans:

Month-to-month or subscribe for 3 months and save $15.

One Month: $30

3 Months for $75  *save $15

Mindful Monday’s with Lorri have been amazing! It’s a great way to start my week and give me something to work on or ponder; become aware of. All to better my mental, physical, and spiritual growth. Lorri has helped me learn more about my children’s emotions, loving myself, and overcome times where I feel I have stalled. And it’s only been a month! I’ve signed up for another.

~ Erika 

What do I love about Monday Mornings? 

Getting my weekly readings from Lorri, it’s the highlight of my week! No more Monday blues here. I look forward to checking my inbox! 

~ Brittany

It is refreshing to know that I can start my week with words of wisdom from Lorri. Her messages allowed me to set my intentions and be aware of my thoughts and actions. Her messages are heart felt and right on time. Thank you for sharing your gift. 

~ Merissa