your yearly overview

Curious what 2021 has in store for you?

Try a Yearly Overview Reading

Your complete & concise overview includes:


  • A personal summary of last year:

    • Lessons you learned

    • What you are leaving behind

    • Sticking points to clear up

  • An Overview for the year ahead:

    • Your theme/word

    • What will challenge you

    • What will empower you

    • Lessons that you will have an opportunity to learn

  • A 12-month forecast for one key area in your life

    • This will be your choice.

    • Examples include: Romance, Career, etc…

  • Then based on your reading we will set an intention for your year ahead and you will receive:

    • Your Archetype

    • A personalized 12-month list of self-inquiry questions that you can refer to each month for further support.


This reading is filled with a lot of juicy information! I will send a worksheet to you prior to your session with an outline of each thing we will cover and space for you to take notes. There is also the option to receive a recording of this session.


These are Phone or Zoom Sessions only.

Sessions are 60 minutes. (Give or take)


Cost: $99