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Intention is Everything

Our relationships and connections shape us. They teach us how to be better human beings if we let them. I’ve learned by observing, interacting, having a friend blow up at me, and even by someone leaving the relationship. When I screw up, I'm willing to take responsibility and learn from it.

I find myself in this moment hoping that I have shaped others’ lives for the better. I really hope that people that I have connected with have left an exchange with me feeling better about themselves. I also know that in the past, they have left feeling worse. I prefer that people leave an exchange with me feeling better about themselves. That is one of my newer aspirations in life. With holiday season approaching, the opportunities to put this aspiration into practice exponentially increases. LOL. Because I like to be right.

What helps set me up for success is focusing on an aspiration and a few intentions before connecting with others. Ideally, I remember to do this before going to an event or gathering. I set an aspiration, think of how I would like to feel in the situation, ask Spirit for support, and allow Spirit to guide my actions.

Let’s say that I’m going to visit my family. Here’s what that might look like. As I’m driving to see them, I set the aspiration for the visit: “My aspiration today is that everyone enjoys the day, gets along, and has fun.” Next, I think of how I would like to feel while I'm with them. In this case, I might choose harmony, peace, and playfulness. I then take a few moments, imagine connecting with my family, and imagine feeling that way.

While I’m with my family, I remind myself of the aspiration and the intentions I have set. When I notice that I’m experiencing anything other than those feelings, I stop, take a breath, and ask Spirit for help. I let Spirit know that I am willing to experience the aspiration and intention I have set and that they are more important than any upset I may be experiencing. Sometimes to do this, I may need to step away, go outside for a minute, into another room, or to the bathroom. Sometimes I can do it while I'm hanging out with my family. Once I have asked for help, I then allow Spirit to guide my actions.

When I practice this, my aspiration and intentions play out.

Life is a moment to moment, organic, living, breathing, exchange. Our Spiritual Practice is meant to be portable. And this is an example of how I make mine portable.

Do you have an Aspiration you would like to set for the holiday season? How would you like to feel at any upcoming holiday gatherings? The beauty of this practice is that it can be done if you are going to be with others or enjoying time by yourself. In fact, this tool will lessen feelings of loneliness if you are flying solo. It can turn your day into whatever you choose. I’ve successfully used it for both occasions.

Intention is everything.

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