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I would like to offer a love donation



I would like to offer a love donation

Let it Flow. Let it Flow. Let it Flow.

I came home last night and there was an envelope waiting for me from UPS. I opened it and found this inside. My eyes were like big round saucers! Someone had reached out to me recently and asked for my address and then sent me this.

Immediately I felt gratitude for the flow of prosperity. Wow! What an amazing and unexpected surprise!

Following on the heals of gratitude was another ingrained belief. It was a subtle belief that centered around worthiness. I had the thought, “I wonder what I did to deserve this?” For the rest of the evening and part of this morning I tried to figure out and rationalize what I must have done to receive this windfall.

Wow! I was given the bonus gift of discovering a subtle block I had about prosperity and abundance. I was questioning whether or not I was worth $500. I was placing a price tag on my worth. How ridiculous was that? The silliness of that thought brought my mind to a halt. In that quiet space a question popped into my head. That question was, “Are you willing to stop blocking opportunities for more grand gestures to appear in your life?” I knew this question came from Spirit. To this question, I responded, YES!

I love tithing and sharing abundance with others and am willing to receive as well. This experience showed me that I had subtly placed a limit on the amount I could receive. Getting this abundant gift caused me to question my worth. Apparently $500 was (definitely past tense) my glass ceiling. Message received! I release this block in ALL directions of time and space and am willing to relax in the flow of prosperity now!

I'm so grateful for the healing this experience brought forth!

Do you have a limit on how much you allow yourself to receive before questioning your worth? Are you willing to stop blocking opportunities for more grand gestures and prosperity to appear in your life?

To that I simply say: Let it flow. Let it flow. Let it flow.

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