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Premiere Insights Program

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Imagine receiving a personalized email reading each week.


Now imagine getting to ask any (one) question you would like to have answered before receiving it.

Here's how the PREMIERE INSIGHTS Program works:

  1. Each week send me one question via text (910-208-0220) by noon EST on Sunday. ***I will send you a heart emoji to let you know that I have received it. If you do not receive a heart emoji within a few hours, resend your question. You will know that I have received it when you receive a response of a heart emoji.***

  2. You will receive your answer (1 paragraph) by Wednesday morning.

  3. If I do not receive your question by Sunday at noon EST, you will still receive a reading for the week. It will just be whatever Spirit is sending through me to share with you rather than you choosing your question.

Fill out the contact form with question below to receive your first PREMIERE INSIGHTS by this Wednesday!

Choose from two different options:
4 weeks or 12 weeks.

*Save $30 when subscribing for 12 weeks*

12 weeks: $180

*save $30

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4 weeks: $70

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