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Flip the Script Cards


Available Late November 2023

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Flip the Script Cards
Cultivating an Empowered Mindset
By Lorri Gifford
Artwork by Mo Singh
Prayers by Jennifer Hadley

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Readings With Lorri | Psychic Readings & Counseling  in Wilmington, NC
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When we are upset, we take things personally that weren't meant to be taken personally. We project our own unconscious guilt and unprocessed feelings from the past onto that situation. We miss the bigger, broader picture.

What if we equip ourselves to have more loving, peaceful and pleasant responses to what shows up in our lives every day, every moment? What if we could flip the script


That is the purpose of these cards. 


There is a section called Rules for Decision, in a book I read called A Course in Miracles. The suggestion is to start each day with the thought, “Today I will make no decisions by myself.” In other words, “Today I allow Spirit to guide me.” After making this declaration, we are invited to envision the type of day that we would like to have. And if we allow Spirit to guide our day, we will have the day we have envisioned.


Each card in this deck suggests a spiritual quality to envision and focus on for the day. By choosing one, you allow Spirit to be your guide. By embodying that quality, you empower yourself to hold a higher vibrational frequency as you enter into all situations and conversations throughout your day.


The cards can be used:

  • As a daily prompt.

  • For insight on a situation in your life.

  • As a prompt for your journaling practice.

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