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I would like to offer a love donation

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But I had a plan!

At the beginning of December, I fostered a dog. But, we weren’t the right fit for each other and Spirit helped me find the perfect home for her. I hatched a plan; I would wait until after Christmas and try again.


A couple of Saturdays ago, I went out shopping with a good friend of mine. My intention was to buy supplies for the dog that I was going to get after Christmas. I picked up some toys and on our way to Marshall’s, I asked my friend to stop by my favorite pet store. They had the poop bags that I liked. We pulled into the parking lot and there was a huge sign: Dog Adoption Today.


But I had a plan. I was supposed to look after Christmas. My friend Christina said, “Let’s just go look.” I walked in and my eyes landed immediately on one. She was beautiful. She wasn’t the one that ran to me trying to get my attention. Or the other one that leaned against my leg. She was laying off to the side looking like she wanted to be anywhere but there. I felt drawn to her so I sat on the floor by her and she got up and licked me.


But I had a plan. I was supposed to find my dog after Christmas.


I took her for a walk around the store. I found out that her sisters, two blond labs, were usually together and that they often picked on her. I asked how old she was and was told that she was a year old.


But I had a plan. The dog I was going to adopt was supposed to be between 3-4. I asked to fill out the paperwork.


But I had a plan…


I decided to foster her first. When I got home, I went to get my mail and there was a check from a client with a Christmas bonus. Later that day, I received another bonus.


But I had a plan…


She was dropped off on Monday. That morning, I heard a name in my head: Bella. But I had a plan. I was just going to foster her!


When she arrived, I found out that she was 11 months old not a year. I had a plan…no puppies. And I was supposed to spend Christmas Eve with my family. But here she was. The women dropping her off noticed that she started following me around immediately and her tail was wagging. They told me that her tail was typically between her legs.


But I had a plan…no puppies. I had never trained a puppy. I didn’t even know how.


She immediately started responding to the name Bella and when I woke up the first morning, I knew she was my dog and I was her person.


But I had a plan...


That night another friend came over and showed me some simple energetic training techniques. They worked immediately. In one week, she’s already walking on a leash and graduated to pooping and peeing while on a leash. She was not leash trained at all. She knows to sit for a treat and goes to her bed and lays on it while I’m working in the kitchen or on my computer. We even started training so that she feels safe in the car. She used to get nauseous, throw up, and drool excessively before. She was soaking wet when she got to my house that first day and the women from the rescue organization told me that she always got that way. Yesterday, she successfully accompanied me on a 15–20-minute car ride to UPS store. (The first one we went to was closed) Yes, I sung to her the whole time but that’s another story. We have a little way to go but she makes it easy.


Bella’s so smart. She is loving, cuddly, and sound sensitive. Loud noises startle her. She prefers to come to someone in her time. If she is approached, she will back off. If you allow her to come to you, she will and much quicker. Side note: She came to me and licked my face immediately. She’s friendly to other dogs and at a certain point she will come over to me as if to signal that she has had enough. I look into her eyes and just melt.


But I had a plan; I originally wanted a dog that already was trained. Spirit had other plans.


What I realized was that I assumed that training would be hard. It’s not. What I assumed was that it would be easier to have an older dog. I was wrong. This week I felt a little under the weather for about a day. All Bella did was cuddle with me. And when we did go outside, she went to the bathroom right away instead of taking her time like she had in the past.


I also realized that by saying yes, I had, for the first time in my life given the little girl inside of me a present that she really really wanted.


I’m sharing this story to illustrate that we often think we know what is best for us. But guess what? We don’t. Spirit knew what I desired and provided it. Not on my timeline or even in the package I had expected it to show up in. Spirit knew the perfect fit for me and when I got out of the way I realized that my heart couldn’t be fuller.


Is there something that is not showing up in your life and you feel frustrated? If you would like to discover where the disconnect is, book a session with me. We can look at what is showing up and how your expectations could be blocking you. I know it’s not easy to let go of what we think is best for ourselves. I promise you, when we are, something even better shows up! Click here to book a session today:


There’s even a tool I created called Flip the Script cards that you can check out here: . They’re a great tool that support cultivating an empowered mindset. I’ve use them daily!

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