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Claiming Our Gifts

Most mornings I meet with a small group of friends on Zoom to read and remember a spiritual truth for the day. Yesterday we were asked to remember that we are as our Creator created us. And that our only purpose is to accept that and share the gifts of who we are with all those we meet. Those gifts are love, light, joy, and peace.

As we were reading it, I felt all my doubts come up. It's been a struggle to find love, light, peace, and joy lately. Instead, I have been experiencing a lot of fear. Things are changing in my life and a part of me is resisting that change. As a result of resisting change, fear is created. When that happens, I forget that spiritual truth. I forget that I am love, light, joy, and peace.

When I am believing my stories of fear, I believe more in those stories than in my true essence. As a human, I tend to disregard that spiritual truth and believe in my own distorted view of who I am. My view of myself is not loving and kind. In fact, I try to convince myself that I don’t deserve those things that I’ve already been imbued with.

The crazy part is that I deny that I am all of those qualities and then spend my waking hours trying to find my way back to them. But I do it ass backwards! I scurry frantically around searching for something outside of me to prove that I am worthy of love, light, joy, and peace. I look and look and look and look believing that something outside of me is going to grant me those things.

There is no magic genie that will do that! Nothing outside of me can bring me that because all those qualities are already within me. It’s like I’m racing around looking for Lorri and Lorri is the one racing around doing the looking. How silly is that?

The journey of life is this crazy journey. We race around looking for the truth of who we are when that truth has already been preinstalled. We are love, light, joy, and peace. Each day is a practice of accepting that we are love, light, joy, and peace and then sharing those gifts with others. That’s it. That’s all. It sounds so simple. Yet, we rarely make it easy for ourselves.

I desire to have this be an unshakable belief and created a prayer. I even recorded it on my phone to play when I need a reminder. Maybe you can relate and maybe you have the same desire. The desire to claim your gifts of love, light, joy, and peace. Here is the prayer.

Today I gratefully embrace my light, joy, and peace.

Today I gratefully share that light, joy, and peace with the world and all those I meet.

I release my distorted view of myself: my doubts, my fears, my complaints, my self-hatred, all of it, right here, right now!

I release what I think is best and surrender to the plan that my Creator has for me.

I trust that everything I need to fulfill my Creator’s plan for me will be given me, now!

I trust that I am worthy to receive love, joy, and peace, now!

I trust that I am light, love, joy, and peace, now!

I am grateful that all my needs are answered by my Creator in whatever form is the most useful in the moment.

I know that whatever unfolds is the highest and best for all involved.


It’s time to claim our gifts. And the best part? They’re already there. They’re just waiting for us to unwrap them.

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1 comentario

Olga Perez
06 jul 2023

Thank you Lorri for this beautiful prayer. I relate and your words help me find words to my own feelings about the fear that comes over me. I am grateful for these words.

Me gusta
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