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How Do I Know?

I had so much fun the other night hosting the Intuition Made Easy webinar. One of my favorite things to do is to answer questions at the end. This time did not disappoint. Great questions were asked.

One of the most popular questions is always a version of, “How do you know?” How do you know if you're hearing the voice of intuition or your own anxieties? How do you know if it's the voice of intuition or your own mind because you know what you want the answer to be or you hope the answer would be? How do you know?

If your mind is active, that is not intuition. If you feel anxious or afraid, that is not intuition. We are raised trying to find the answer to our problem or figure it out. That's the opposite of what intuition is.

Intuition is about receiving the answer. It’s about allowing yourself to be in a receptive state so that the answer will flow through you. It's about connecting with a source, a loving source, a Universal loving source, that is outside the confines of your own mind. A loving voice that is there to support and answer any questions you might have. Tapping into our intuition is the practice of connecting with that unconditionally loving Universal mind.

When we're in our intellect we're in our own mind and not connected to that Universal mind. Answers that come from just our intellect, cause anxiety or fear. An answer that comes from our intuition lands differently. When it comes through, we feel the love, we feel the truth. And because some part of us feels the truth, we just know that that's the answer.

It doesn't mean that we like the answer at the time. But, it feels right. The reason we might not like the answer is because our personality is not ready to let go of something or listen to what that answer is. Or our intellect, our think think, thinking mind, might try to tell us it's too hard.

Our intuition provides answers that always have a higher purpose to them. Intuition feels like a wave, it flows. Our disconnected thinking mind has the energy like a jackhammer… one thought after another after another after another after another comes in. Intuition has a relaxed feeling. When we are in our disconnected thinking mind trying to figure something out, it tires us out mentally, emotionally, and physically.

To be able to discern your voice of intuition you must be willing to listen. You must be willing to be quiet and trust. Think of a beautiful still reflective lake. You can see the reflection of the sky and the clouds. When you throw a Pebble in it causes ripples the distorts the image that you are seeing. If we create a still point, if we allow ourselves to become reflective and get quiet, we will see the answer. Every time we try to find the answer or figure it out, we are tossing pebbles into that quiet reflective lake.

You will know you are listening to the voice of intuition if you practice listening. Sit and do nothing and see how long it takes for thoughts to kick in. It’s not about becoming the perfect listener. It’s about strengthening your listening skills. Because even when we listen, we may try to find the answer. If while we're listening, we're trying really hard to listen, trying is throwing the pebble in the pond. instead of trying, just focus on the breath.

So how will you know that the answer is coming from your intuition? You'll know because you didn't try so hard to find it. It just showed up. It felt right. It came to you when you were in a relaxed state in between state. It came to you when you were not tossing pebble upon pebble into the lake or lost in thought looking for it.

Intuition is something we all have and we can all develop. If you’re curious and would like to explore your intuitive gifts further, I’ll be offering a NEW Zoom class this month called: Intuition 101. Click on this link for more info:

Thank you for taking the time to visit and read my blog today!

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