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I would like to offer a love donation

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Choosing Love

On New Year’s Eve, I sat down and wrote out my heart’s desires for the upcoming year. As part of my Spiritual practice for 2024, I write them out each morning and read them out loud. I typically do this as I’m enjoying my morning coffee. After that, I pull a Flip the Script card and journal about the quality that I’m being guided to embody. I'm also posting those thoughts daily (or almost daily on my blog. Check the one's I've already posted when you're done reading this!)


Both practices support me in living the life I desire. There are a few other practices I do as well. I have experienced first-hand the importance of filling up my own Spiritual gas tank before I start my day of helping to support others.


I’m grateful that I get to do what I love. And what I love to do is support others that are interested in being held accountable to take better care of themselves. There was a time I didn’t take care of myself.


For years I got up after pressing the snooze repeatedly and then rushed through my day. My first thought when waking was a feeling of heaviness and worry. I lived in the story of having to survive another day on this planet while hoping to catch a lucky break. I was wishing I were anyone else, anywhere else.


Life on this planet is not for the feint of heart. A lot of crappy shit seems to be happening. Without Spiritual practices to fortify me, I would get lost in those stories of hopelessness and anxiety. Without those practices I would forget my connection to something higher and go back to that feeling of heaviness and worry. NO THANK YOU!


Each day as I do my practices, I’m reminded of another way, another path. The path of love. The path of hope. The path of compassion. I saw this quote on a friend’s FB post this morning, it said, “But what can I do, I’m just one person.” …said 7 billion people.




What if all of us that got caught in our fear filled stories, started infusing our life with love and loving practices instead? Imagine what the world would be like then. All is not lost. We just get to choose a different way. A LOVE filled way.


I do this each time I choose to do my Spiritual Practices.


If you would like some support shifting into a loving mindset or even figuring out a daily Spiritual practice that would work for you, book a session with me. We can look at how you can shift your mindset. I know it’s not easy to let go of old patterns of worry and anxiety. I promise you, when we choose love, something even better shows up! Click here to book a session today:


There’s even a tool I co-created with two other amazing women that are called Flip the Script cards that I use each day to help support me in having an empowered mindset. Check them out: .

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