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I would like to offer a love donation

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Feeling Lighter

Most of my life I have been heavy. And not just look in the mirror and hate the way that I look heavy. I have spent most of my life weighed down by responsibility, weighed down by guilt, and weighed down by anger.

You may view me as someone that seems grounded and peaceful. Someone that expresses gratitude and is thoughtful of others. It takes vigilance for me to be that way. I look at people that I know that seem to have a loving attitude on a regular basis and I am humbled. Loving kindness is not a “go to” state of mind for me. Complaining, comparing, and criticizing were my “go tos”. When I am feeling upset or overwhelmed, they still can be. Sometimes I find myself comparing something I have, that I am capable of, or that I do with someone else. Sometimes I must remind myself during a conversation with a friend that I have done all the talking and have no idea what is going on with them. Sometimes I get cranky and say something snarky to someone that is dear to me because I want to make a point or be right. But choosing loving kindness is becoming more familiar. AND it takes diligence to maintain it. I look forward to the day that loving kindness is all that I focus on. LOL. Until then I use my tools, use my tools, use my tools!

Recently, I have begun to see the correlation between the heaviness in my mind to the heaviness in my physical body and take ownership of it. Hey! I’m a work in progress just like you. Last month, I created and started saying this prayer every morning and the shifts have already begun.

Angels, teachers, and guides thank you for hearing and supporting this prayer. I am grateful for this miraculous body that I have been given to learn the lessons of love and carry me through this perceived life. I am grateful for all the years of service that it has and continues to give me. I am grateful for its strength, stamina, and vitality. I offer over my need to self-sabotage through overindulging with food now! I am willing to eat to live and release my need to live to eat. I ask that this be healed back to the root cause now! I offer over my need to fill the loneliness and emptiness I feel within me with food now! I claim Divine nourishment for my body now. I claim Divine nurturing for my body now. I offer over my need to abuse myself and punish myself by making choices I know that will make me feel guilty later. I claim loving kindness, curiosity, discernment, peace, acceptance, clarity, and wisdom now. My deep desire is to feel lighter in my mind now! My deep desire is to feel trim, toned, radiant and vibrant. I am willing and claim that now! I claim my wholeness now! I share all the benefits with everyone because we are one. Amen.

As of this morning (8/24), I am down 6 lbs. And this time, my approach to my heaviness, is not motivated by the expectations of society or to get a man. This time my choices transformed into loving choices for myself. And I am feeling more of all the qualities in the prayer.

For more details on this journey toward lightness, some cool motivational tips and even some healthy and mouthwatering recipes, stay tuned here on my blog. Oh! And feel free to use this prayer if you are feeling led. When said with intention it is powerful! You have nothing to lose but your own heaviness.

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