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I would like to offer a love donation

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The Ease of Intuition: Just Breathe

I enjoy helping people tap into their intuition. Intuition is as natural as breathing. We don't need to find it. All we need do is allow it.

When I first started my journey of strengthening my intuition, I did it backwards. I tried to find the answers or figure out where the answers were coming from. I was approaching it from my limited thinking mind. When I began to relax and got my mind out of the way the answers flowed through. I’m still perfecting it each and every day.

So, what supports us in allowing that flow of intuition? Well first we’ve got to clear the clutter of our everyday thinking mind out of the way. We need to clear the clutter because the answers, when we are clear, come through us. They do not come from our limited intellect, our thinking mind. When we tap into our intuition, we become the clear channel for a deeper loving voice to communicate through us and guide us. When we look for answers from our limited thinking mind, our personalities are color the answers according to our personal likes and dislikes. When we listen more to the voice of our likes and dislikes, we are creating blockages. Clearing the blockages is what's needed so that the messages of Spirit, the messages from that field of unconditional love, can be heard.

When the voice of our personality is loud, it can block our intuition. When we recognize that, we can come to a stop or a still point in our thinking, and that is what allows us to go beyond our thinking mind and reconnect with our intuition. The great thing about intuition is that it's already within us. That voice of unconditional love is something we were born with. Throughout the years of our life, we have been erecting blockages against it. It's about being willing to let down those blockages and allowing that voice of knowingness to flow through us again.

We create the still point by learning to become comfortable with the quiet and listen. If you wanted to learn how to Play an instrument what would you have to do? Practice. Would you expect to pick up a violin and just know how to play something by Beethoven perfectly? No of course not.

Practice means something different for each person. It can take different forms. It all boils down to getting to that still point. It all comes down to a willingness to shed the need to figure it out and allow Divine guidance. It all comes down to being willing to stop trying to find the answers and just getting still and listening.

There are several ways that support me in getting to my still point. I like going for morning walks. I have conversations with Spirit in my head. By doing that I acknowledge that I am not alone. When I am done sharing or kvetching, my thinking mind becomes quiet and the answers come. In sharing or kvetching, I'm clearing the clutter because I'm handing the situation over to Spirit and asking for guidance. I also like to meditate and do that every morning. I facilitate a daily (weekends included) 10-minute morning meditation on Zoom. It is at 7:40 a.m. EST. If you're interested send me a private message. It's free. I like using prayers and affirmations too. There are a multitude of tools that I use that help me clear the clutter and allow intuition to flow through and guide me. It starts when I become willing to let go of trying to run the show on my own through the limited viewpoint of my personal likes and dislikes.

The bottom line anyone can strengthen their intuition that choose to. It takes practice. Stop. Create your still point and then allow your God given gift of intuition to flow through.

If you’re interested in strengthening your intuition and would like to create accountability along the way, I offer mentoring packages. Reach out and we can have a conversation about it.

Here’s to allowing at least one still point into your day today. May love and loves presence continue to grow and bloom within you.

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