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I would like to offer a love donation

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The Spiritual Path

Each morning I read a spiritual lesson, reflect on it with a group that I’m blessed to be part of, and do my best to remember it throughout the day. As I type this, I’m about an hour into the day and today’s lesson is knocking me on my butt!

The lesson: Today I will judge nothing that occurs.

Right after I read the lesson, I got a text that I immediately judged. Then memories of three past failures flooded my mind and I started judging myself. As I was looking outside my window and typing this, I began judging the weather and wishing it were different so that I could go out for a walk. Then I thought about how I stress ate last night while Wilmington was under a tornado watch. Round and round the judgments went. And then I judged myself for judging myself. Hahahahahaha! How ridiculous and crazy is that!?

The truth is, if I am in a human body, and trust more in the world around me then the love and light within me, I will continue to categorize and judge. I live in a constant state of “this is good/this is bad/this means that…”. I do this because I’m forgetting my connection to Spirit. I’m believing more in the world that I’ve created in my mind. The world that I’ve created is a giant roller coaster of highs and lows that my egoic thoughts create. And the longer that I stay on that ride, the more exhausted I get. And yet it continues.

I’ve come to realize is that a Spiritual Path is merely remembering to connect with Spirit as life unfolds. The Spiritual Path has a clue in its name: Spirit. When I am with Spirit, I’m not alone. When I’m feeling alone, I’m on the path of Lorri. That path is not fun.

The spiritual path is about remembering to take a breath when I’m freaking out about something. It’s about remembering to hand that freakout over to Spirit while remembering not to judge myself for the freakout. It’s about trusting Spirit to show me the truth I failed to see beyond the freakout. Conversely, the Spiritual path is also about remembering to take a breath when it appears as though someone is freaking out and directing it towards me. It’s about remembering to hand my judgements over to Spirit about their freakout. Most importantly, it’s about allowing Spirit to show me the truth beyond that person’s freakout and continue to extend love to them.

When I remember to do that, my mind feels peaceful and things in my world shift for the better.

The true spiritual path is the practice of non-judgment. It sounds simple. It’s not easy. It’s crazy how quickly the labels and judgments come when I’m forgetting to connect with Spirit. And my judgments help me realize that I’ve gotten off track. The 60+ minutes between reading the lesson for the day and typing this showed me that. I can use the lesson, “Today I will judge nothing that occurs.” as a reminder to allow Spirit to guide my life path. When I can hand my judgements over to Spirit, I’m back on track just like that!

The Spiritual Path is not about trying to be perfect all the time. That’s the egoistic view of perfection. It’s about realizing that we’ve gotten off the trail that Spirit was guiding us on. It’s about allowing Spirit to guide us back to see the perfection in what is.

It’s amazing how much better I feel when I’m willing to hand over my judgements and ask to see beyond them. My deep desire for today is to be consistently willing to be diligent about today’s lesson and allow Spirit to guide me.

I choose to walk with Spirit today. I choose the Spiritual Path.

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