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How to Stop Being Afraid of Your Feelings

Feelings get a bad rap! For years I was terrified to feel. My mom was bi-polar, and my dad always seemed fearful or angry. To get attention from them I learned how to bottle up my feelings and act like everything was “ok”. Of course, that led to angry outbursts or internalized anger that wreaked havoc in my adulthood.

Why are we so afraid of our emotions? Do we think if we do feel them, we are going to fall apart? I grew up being taught that emotions were weak. I started to believe that if anyone saw how I was feeling, I would end up abandoned, hurt, or betrayed. What a crock!

Sharing my hidden judgments and feelings in this blog is helping me live an authentic life. Yes, some of the posts are raw. AND my life continues to blossom because of my willingness to feel my feelings. These feelings include and are not limited to sadness, hurt and anger. Using my Spiritual Tools helps too. LOL. I'll admit, it’s not always easy but, it is 100% worth it! My willingness to feel allows me to experience more moments of peace and joy.

Anytime we say “YES” and commit to a deep healing in any area of our life, guess what happens? Unexpressed emotions and bottled-up feelings bubble to the surface. They bubble to the surface to be released. It can be uncomfortable, scary even. And it is usually at this point that we decide to give up. I know I have in the past.

Let me lay a little truth on you...

It’s NOT more Spiritual to be less emotional!

That's right! Part of the Spiritual path is about reclaiming our authenticity. Being authentic, means showing up fully, feelings included. You have a chance, right now in this moment to stop being afraid of your feelings.

Are you ready and willing?

Check out this 3-Step process I use that helps me navigate through the sticky stuff.

You can download it for FREE. Just click the link below. 👇

Download PDF • 3.01MB

Becoming curious and welcoming your feelings is the first step on your road to stop being afraid of feeling. An authentic person is defined as someone who isn't afraid to be true to who they are. Our emotions are part of who we are as human beings. Are you ready to be authentically you?

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1 Comment

Nov 01, 2021

wonderful handout! Really helpful steps, especially for those big feels.

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