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I would like to offer a love donation

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Choosing Love First

Sitting on my couch under a snuggly blanket with Cody beside me while starting to write this blog is my current happy place. I’ll start by expressing gratitude. I am grateful for all of you that are taking the time to read this. I am grateful that I get to do what I love for a living. I am grateful for the ALL GOOD of God/Spirit/The Universe. I am grateful for my willingness to accept it. I am grateful for the Divine Feminine. I am grateful for my Spiritual Practices. I am grateful for my life.

Yes, I have moments where I forget this, and it feels like all is lost. I’m starting to really get that the more diligent I become in using my Spiritual tools and practicing the Spiritual Principles that Spirit brings my way, the more love I get to experience in my life. I choose to actively develop a more loving mindset. This choice is a daily choice and I have MANY opportunities to practice it. LOL. Sometimes it's a day filled chock full of shifting away from complaints, criticisms, self-hatred, judgments, and self-judgments and sometimes just those things show up as merely blips of time. The more loving I can be towards myself in those moments, the quicker I shift.

One of the biggest complaints that I got to heal in a HUGE way in 2021 was my lament around time. Sometimes I raced from one thing to the next. Sometimes I crammed in way too many client sessions in my day. Sometimes I pushed aside days off or my Spiritual Practices to fit in one more thing to get done. I lived in the story of “Not enough time”.

On several occasions I had heard a Spiritual teaching that postulates that to receive more of something, give more of that something to the world. I had started following that in the area of monetary abundance in my life the shifts have been amazing! Tithing has changed my entire outlook on the flow of monetary abundance.

Until last year, I did not think about practicing this same principal with time. After all, where would I get more of something that I was already lacking? (That by the way is how your head will try to block you from trying this principal out. Just like it had mine.) In that mindset, my lament of “not enough time” continued to follow me around.

Then, call it kismet, I was guided to facilitate a daily 10-minute meditation online. I willingly volunteered and am still volunteering my time to this. Shortly after I started doing this, I noticed a softening was happening around my “not enough time” story. That Spiritual Principal came to mind: to receive more of something, willingly give it away. Fast forward to today, and I find myself having more than enough time to do what I like. Yes, my days are full and very dynamic. But the complaint is gone, and I am living in a very different head space. For that, I am TRULY GRATEFUL!

Would you like more money or time in your life? Are you willing to give giving a try?

If you’re interested in learning some simple portable practices that have changed my life. Stay tuned! Next month we’re launching a membership site where you can become part of a community of like-minded people that desire change too! And you’ll have an opportunity to join me on Zoom twice a month. And! It’s super affordable. $25/month.

As of today, I am holding steady at my current weight. Some may call it a plateau; I choose to call it another opportunity to practice self-acceptance and gentleness. It’s all in how I label it and I choose a loving label. I am willing to choose love first.

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