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I would like to offer a love donation

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Everyday Ordinary Miracles

Sometimes things may show up that appear to blindside us and out of the blue an unexpected miraculous solution follows in its wake. Sometimes we are nudged into action and may not understand why and become the answered prayer for someone else. Regardless, I am grateful to have experienced being on both sides of that coin this week.

Let’s hear it for everyday ordinary miracles!

This morning as I was straightening up my desk, I looked at the inspection sticker that was sitting near my computer. It has been sitting there for a few weeks. Usually, I put it on my license plate as soon as I receive it. For whatever reason, this time, I had not felt the need to do that. As I glanced at it this morning however, I had the thought, “Do it now.”

I continued to straighten up for a few minutes and looked at the inspection sticker again and heard the same prompt. Without much thought, I got a wet and dry rag to wipe down my license plate, put on my sneakers, and went outside. I cleaned the license plate and put the sticker on.

I then felt prompted to clean my glove compartment. At this point, I looked at the time and was about to go back inside. It was almost time to get online to facilitate morning meditation. I felt the nudge again to clean out the glove compartment, shrugged to myself, and proceeded to do it.

Just then, my upstairs neighbor came walking up to my car looking stressed. He asked me if I would be willing to help him because his car battery was dead, and he had to get to work. I said, “Of course.” I helped him and got inside just in time to facilitate meditation.

This morning’s nudges caused me to be in the right place at the right time to offer help. I had this flash that this is what life is like when I allow it. It is like a Divine symphony working together to create a beautiful song. Listening to those nudges placed me in the exact right place at the exact right time to help my neighbor. I got to show up as his answered prayer so that he could get to work (he is a doctor) and help the people that he was scheduled to help.

Each day the way that we listen and allow ourselves to be guided and how we show up impacts the lives of people we may never meet. And if we do, we may not even know that at some other time we may have helped their day unfold in a miraculous way. Each day, we have countless opportunities to cause simple ordinary everyday miracles for others. And we ourselves are also the recipients of the same.

How amazing is that!?

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1 Comment

Sep 16, 2022

Beautiful, thank you for these insights, your care, understanding, and for all of your services!

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