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I would like to offer a love donation

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Strollin’ with Spirit

I’m really loving my new daily walking practice. I have started calling it “strollin’ with Spirit”. Sometimes I connect with a friend while I walk. And I also really enjoy leaving my phone at home and giving myself the time to unplug and connect with Spirit. (Note to all Cody Bear fans out there: He gets his walks at other times during the day. This is mama’s time.)

This morning, I started out a bit later than usual. I had been finishing up a work-related email. The little kid in me finally had enough of the delay and nudged me out the door. As I started walking, the inner workaholic began to fret, “I’m not available again until noon. What if the edits come back and I don’t get them back on time to be sent out today?”

I kept walking and asked Spirit for a bit of help. Within seconds, I heard, “All things that you choose to do during the day are equally as important, including self-care.” Immediately I felt a calm wash over me. I could hand my worries over to Spirit and enjoy my walk. My walk was just as important as that email. If the email didn’t go out today it didn’t go out. It wasn’t the email that was going to get people to come to my new online program, it was Spirit. Spirit was going to guide them there.

Now, you may think that that is crazy talk. I promise you; it is not. Not too long ago, I was living paycheck to paycheck and had over $15k in debt. One day, I made a vow. I said, “Ok Spirit. I am going to love and serve whoever you bring my way, and you are going to take care of the financials. I’m tired of worrying about it.” I meant it and since that day my business has flourished. I now have no credit card debt and 15k in savings. Putting Spirit in charge was the best thing that I did with my business.

Putting Spirit in charge of my entire life is my deepest desire. The more that I am willing to do that, the more miracles show up.

I got to thoroughly enjoy my stroll with Spirit after that. And the best part? When I got home, there was a text telling me that the edits were taken care of, there was nothing more that I needed to do, and the email was going out today. Thank you Spirit!!!

When was the last time you put Spirit in charge?

As of today, I am down 19 pounds. Woo hoo! Releasing the heaviness in my mind and body for good!

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