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I would like to offer a love donation

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Weekly Reading: Three of Swords

At the beginning of each week, I share a Tarot card on social media. The card offers questions and thoughts for self-reflection. I believe in self-reflection and the Tarot is an excellent tool that can be used to support that. Spirit nudged me to start sharing how I use them as a spiritual practice.

The intention of these weekly posts is to inspire self-reflection on a global level.


What were you expecting from this situation? See past any words of accusation being thrown at you this week and meet them with love. Those accusations could come from people around you or from your own inner critic.

Personal Musings:

Rather than focusing on words of accusation being thrown at me, I'm being directed to pay attention to the words of accusation I'm hurling around in my mind towards others. My complaining, whiny, comparative, "You aren't doing it good enough" voice has been very active this morning.I'm hurling blame towards others as I smile and act like everything is OK.

Truth be told, I know that the accusations that I wish to cast on others are only harming me. Any thought of judgment I feel towards another person only makes me feel apart from them. It widens the distance between us. It separates me from the field of LOVE that encompasses all of us.

My expectations set me up for failure because no one else lives in the thought system ruled by my personality but me. The biggest gift I can give myself is to acknowledge the angst I feel and explore it with curiosity. As I do this, I can take Spirit's hand and ask Spirit to walk with me through it to the other side.

What expectations are you willing to release this week so that you can feel LOVE again for another or yourself?

If you found these thoughts helpful, leave a comment below. I would love to hear what this card brought up for you.

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